Bright Future Autism Academy

What Parents Say About Us

Tiffany Tatum

Mrs. Mary is Amazing! As my daughter’s very 1st teacher, she is so much more than I could’ve ever Prayed for. She is patient & knowledgeable & genuinely cares about the success of every student. When my daughter 1st started school she had just recently been diagnosed with autism, had a speech delay, wasn’t yet potty trained & had excessive tantrums. I’m sure this is an understatement, but Mrs. Mary was truly the right woman for the job. Thank you so much Mrs. Mary for not only helping us get through those 1st couple of hard years, but soaring through them. My daughter’s behavior & growth changed in a way I didn’t even know was possible. We got to see the goals we written on paper actually become a reality. We love you always!

Yanet Moran

I am so grateful! As a parent, you are not prepared to receive the news that you have a daughter who is atypical of other children her age. We are usually invaded by insecurity about how they will fare? If they could decipher what she wants, if she could develop like any child without autism. We had the joy of hearing about Ms. Mary's work, the change that our daughter has made is incredible, she communicates excellently, she is independent, she surprises us every day with her learning, all this is thanks to the exceptional work of Ms. Mary. My daughter Megan loves going to school, this shows how important Ms. Mary is in her life who was born for this profession, since everything she does is done with love. We are very happy to have her in our lives.

Marlene Valverde

To every parent seeking optimum education Parents and Community, I have been the pleasure to meet Ms. Jocelyn Verdin, the same year my son Santiago started elementary school. She is someone very important in the life of my son as the person whom started this rising of learning skills. She helped and guided Santiago, from the very beginning to achieve milestones in his academic, social and life development skills all along with his own challenges of being in the spectrum of autism. For a student to love to go to school I believe his teacher plays a big role in it. Seeing how my son has grown in every area, not just academically, shows how passionate and dedicated Ms. Jocelyn is. I am very proud to say my son and I were lucky to have found an exceptional schoolmaster and am much exited to see what the future looks like in the life of my son with the help of proficient, successful, professional, and above all caring person.

Mayra Velazco

Jocelyn Verdin 🌹…..una maestra ejemplar . Le enseño con mucha paciencia a mi hijo Lennin quien es autista no verbal de 12 años a comunicarse a través de imágenes enfatizando día a día mecanismos alfabéticos numéricos ilustraciones juegos didácticas siguiendo un orden desde inicio a final durante tres anos escolares consecutivos en el colegio en los años 2019-2022. Aún para la fecha ella está presente es y será siempre mi compañera de trabajo . Mucha vocación mucha fe mucha paciencia hacen referir a nuestra maestra. Digo nuestra porque no solo ayudo a mi hijo sino a nosotros como papas mostrándonos herramientas para la vida .

Juandys Sifontes.

Speaking about my experience since the birth of my daughter, and then, receiving the diagnosis of Autism, has been and continues to be perplexing, demanding, and in some situations, terrifying. But one of our greatest blessings as a family was receiving the timely support, guidance, and love from Miss Mary! I can confirm that since she came into my daughter's life we have seen her progress and evolve with every set goal. Miss Mary, with her patience, preparation, love, and vast experience, manages to bring out the best in every situation. There is definitely a before and after since the intervention with my daughter. We have felt security and tranquility thanks to Miss Mary's commitment and responsibility. We have no doubt that my daughter's integration into society will be an easier path to tread thanks to all her contributions. Grateful for life!

Doris Omaira Torres Araujo

My name is Doris Omaira Torres Araujo and I want to share our experience. In the year 2019, my granddaughter Aileen was born here in the United States. I came from London where I reside to meet her when we celebrated her first birthday, a beautiful baby girl. Years later, she was diagnosed with autism and non-verbal. Upon hearing the news and being ignorant in this matter, I felt as if a cold chill ran through my body, and as I began my research, I discovered what this condition consists of. Therefore, I let my son and daughter-in-law know that it is a blessing that they discovered at a very early age what was causing her various behavioral responses to some stimuli. Months later, I visited them again, and her parents informed me that Aileen had started classes, and I could observe her progress: making eye contact, responding to her name, etc. It has been about 2 years since Mrs. Mary Davila and her extraordinary team of paraprofessionals have done a work full of LOVE that is bearing fruit. Aileen currently speaks, knows, writes all the names of family members, spells, identifies numbers, colors, fruits; she sings, dances, responds affectionately with hugs and kisses, has learned to tolerate many sounds and even noises. In general, Aileen is H A P P Y!!!! .... and so is her Grandma Doris. Every day, I thank GOD for placing my beautiful granddaughter Aileen in the hands of Mrs. Mary Davila and her team. I have no way to thank all of them for that transformative work, full of tenderness, patience, knowledge, empathy, respect, appropriate techniques, professionalism, and LOVE. I pray that they continue to bless more children and therefore more families who, like us, are dedicated to the integral development of my granddaughter Aileen.

Indira Piñero

Miss Mary Dávila, more than an exceptional teacher, has become a beacon of dedication and commitment that goes beyond the ordinary. Her professionalism has been the fundamental key to the remarkable progress of my two children, both facing challenges in speech, and one of them with Autism. From the first week, we have witnessed a significant change in the learning and development of the children. The profound affection she has cultivated not only in them but also in our entire family translates into genuine gratitude for the positive impact she has had on our lives and the transformation of our little ones.

Mona Alce

Dear friends, It is my absolute pleasure and privilege to recommend, encourage and use my voice to support Jocelyn. Jocelyn has been so very instrumental in my son Ethan’s life and his development from age 6 up until now as an individual with Autism. We initially met Jocelyn as Ethan’s teacher, however throughout the ten years, she has become family. My husband and I are so privileged to have her as Ethan continue educator. She has gone above and beyond on several occasions for our Ethan such as helping to empower himself with life skills tools and language to manage his emotions and behaviors. When Ethan has his moments of behavioral frustration, confusion and weakness , she was right there to facilitate and help him. Together, we have utilized innovative technologies and techniques such as teleconference, video calls, in person communication and extracurricular activities to help our Ethan both academically and socially. Today, we are eternally grateful and blessed to have her as a constant partner in our lives as Ethan has grown into a stable, astute and passionate pre-teen.

Wendy Guerra

My name is Wendy. Our family had the lovely privilege to work with Mrs. Verdin over the course of a two years to help our daughter who's on the Autism spectrum. We can't say enough about how amazing she was to work with. As a mom I came in with a lot concerns and questions regarding how to best help my daughter who was transition from her kinder years. Upon meeting Mrs. Verdin and addressing my concerns I felt heard and seen, she worked diligently to gather as much information from our daughters previous teachers and aids and was able to sit with us and hash out a plan and address all my concerns not only from a therapy standpoint but as a mom. She came alongside our family and provided tools and resources to take what she was doing with our daughter in the classroom into our home.

Didiana de Nobrega

Han pasado 4 años desde aquel primer día de clases, aquel día lleno de muchas incertidumbres y nostalgia, de no saber las personas que se cruzarían en el camino de mi niña. Recuerdo las primeras semanas de ira, gritos y resistencia porque no quería entrar a la escuela. Recuerdo los brazos de Ms. Mary con marcas de mordidas que le había hecho mi niña. Recuerdo ver a Ms. Mary usar una faja porque mi hija la empujo tan fuerte, que se cayó y se lastimó. Pero Ms. Mary siempre decía "Tranquila lo vamos a lograr.", y así fue. Siempre con su mejor actitud y dispuesta a ayudar. Después de tantos desafíos, la compenetración de ambas fue única. Hoy puedo decir que mi experiencia y la de mi nina con Ms. Mary fue muy buena. El cambio en mi hija fue del cielo a la tierra y esto se debe al trabajo de esta maestra, porque el que trabaja con amor y vocación, hace un buen trabajo. Desde que dejamos su aula y hasta ahora ningún profesional ha sido como Ms. Mary. Gracias por todo su amor y ayuda para mi niña. Estamos eternamente agradecidos.